Friday, May 30

"This We'll Defend"

Recently my younger brother, Chris, graduated into the U.S. Army. I cannot imagine the willpower and effort it takes to accomplish this. I am so proud of him and proud to have someone I love helping to defend our country and all I tend to take for granted. What a sacrifice Chris and thousands of others make every minute of every day, so I can live my life of leisure away from the blood, sweat and tears those in service to our country shed for us, safe in our homes tonight. One point I think we tend to forget is the sacrifice also made by the families of these courageous people. Chris has a new wife and a new baby girl. His wife, Michelle is raising my beautiful niece, Abigail, on her own and without Chris at her side each night. Chris AND Michelle deserve to be recognized for what they are giving up as a family. Thank you is a pathetic and inadequate word for such a selfless act but it is the best I can do from this distance.

Abigail, Chris and Michelle.

What a beautiful family. I might be a little biased though...

Chris's dad even made the trip to his graduation.

Can this be comfortable!?

My niece is just adorable and her daddy is not too shabby either!


Michelle said...

Thank you for those beautiful words, Sheri. It's harder than I thought it would be, to be away from Chris and do the whole mommy thing on my own. My heart goes out to all of those single moms out there. It's hard. Abby couldn't keep her eyes off of him once she realized who he was. Again, thank you for the beautiful words. They mean alot.


Faith Johnson said...

Sheri I so know what you are talking about. Where is he stationed at? Jordan has been to Iraq once and is going back in January. It is so different when you have a family member in there and even more worrysome when it is your child. It is what he want's to do for his country. I very proud of him. On the other hand I am very proud of Chris for the way he has turned his life around and become such a wonderful young man. His daughter like his other children are beautiful. Love Faith

Razor Family Farms said...

I love this post! It is so nice to read about families that are proud and supportive of their military siblings/children. My husband was not so fortunate and that made things really tough. His parents never came to any of his ceremonies (come to think of it -- they've never even visited). They didn't even come down for his graduation from Ranger School. Not even once.

I'll be keeping this beautiful family in my prayers!


Sheri said...

Your are welcome Michelle! (((HUGS)))

Faith-you know exactly what they are going through, you did too but now with Jordan. Chris has a lot to be proud of and so does Jordan!

Lacy-that just breaks my heart! How awful to do something that takes so much courage and dedication and not have the ones you love encourage you. I could not imagine treating my son like that. Imagine if your husband didn't have you? You are his light!

Faith Johnson said...

Sheri I bet you guys are so thrilled with Chris and you should be. I was just over on Tanya's blog looking over all her receipes. Are we sure she is not the real Betty Crocker?!!! My husband said he loves her alreday. He loves to cook and to do all the napkin and dedcor. things. Faith

Mom said...

I just can't believe my firstborn son is in the service. It really tears at the heart when I see him in uniform. I am so proud of him but as a Mom I naturally worry!Thank you Sheri for showing pride in your brother. I'm sure it will mean alot to him!