Thursday, May 8


One of Spencer's goals for school is to be able to wash and dry his hands by himself. That doesn't sound too difficult of a task, so most nights we pull up his little stool to the bathroom sink and give it a try. Some nights it goes better than others. Spencer loves water and has no problem turning on the faucets (both, because it is more fun that way) and playing with the water. He has no idea why I want to "ruin" his fun time with a bar of soap and at times humors me by taking it out of my hand and throwing it in the running water. I love his intense expressions caught in the mirror.

We also read books many nights before bed. Tonight I read an Usborne counting book. It has the number 1 and one object/animal on a page, then the number 2 and two objects/animals etc. on pages that go up to 10. Every other time we do this, I can possibly get Spencer to participate up to page three and then I have to complete the counting myself. I then call him a butt and pretend that counting is my life's dream, hoping he jumps in again. He knows his numbers up to twenty and sits nice and quietly while I count; he just doesn't want to do it himself. Tonight he did each and every page himself without any help whatsoever! When I pointed, he counted or he pointed and counted himself. I hugged, kissed and slapped him five and then we burst into giggles. Nights like these are the ones that keep hope alive.


Tanya said...

He he, I how hard he's concentrating on it! He's so cute...miss my bud!

Sheri said...

He misses you too! We practiced saying your name when he took a bath last night. He is really close to saying it right.

Razor Family Farms said...

You are such a great mommy!

He's adorable and very fortunate to have such loving parents!


Sheri said...

Thank you so much Lacy!