Wednesday, May 28

Sidewalk Races

Sunday was one of our first nice sunny days. John was putting together our new grill so I decided Spencer and I should take a walk down the street to this cute little bridge someone has set up at the end of the road. I have been eyeing it up waiting for a nice day to walk down there with Spencer. It is also a good time to work on boundaries with Spencer. Our road is not a very busy street yet has a sidewalk the full length. I am trying to teach Spencer the idea that other peoples' yards and the road are not areas he can go without adult supervision. I was so proud of how well he did staying on the sidewalk and listening when I told him to slow down. We must have run up and down the length of the road at least ten times. Not walking, running. Spencer feels walking is for other kids. He has boundless energy!

And we are off! The bridge is wayyyy down at the end.

Almost there. Mighty tough work, jogging, trying to take a picture and working on making sure Spencer stays within the boundaries of the sidewalk!

We made it!"You know, mom, if you ran faster, we could have made it here sooner."

"Follow me to the nearest Elmo movie!"


Derek said...

Hi Sheri,That is wonderful that Spencer likes the outdoors. He looks like he really enjoys being outside. I hope is starts warming up soon. The summers always go by so fast. Spencer is really growing up. It is really great to see all of the photos that you take. I really enjoy looking at them. Say hi to Spencer for me Ok? Have a fun and enjoyable summer!mcxec

Razor Family Farms said...

Spencer reminds me of my stepson -- "Hurry up! You're going to miss it!" He must have said that a million times.

"Miss what?" I'd ask.


Yup. He has it just about right.


Brandy said...

Don't ya just love the nicer weather? We were in the mid-upper 80s today and it was divine!!

Spencer is adorable as always! Looks like it was a fun walk!

Faith Johnson said...

Sheri I just so enjoy the pictures you put on here of Spencer. I wish I had half as many of my grand daughter as you do of him. Her parents are lazy about sending. Love ya! Faith

Sheri said...

Thank you all for stopping by my little world of rambling. I could never get enough pictures of Spencer. If he would cooperate more, oh the things I could do!

I am laughing at your stepson Lacy. How cute!