Thursday, May 1

My Sockless Son

Feet. I have never liked feet. While useful, they along with toes are quite ugly. I don't need to see feet, like ever. In fact, I was the dork on the playground at age 10 with the wonderfully fashionable "jelly shoes", (remember those beauties) and socks. I didn't own a pair of sandals until out of necessity at age 25, I broke down and bought my first pair at Bass Pro Shops. They were the fisherman type brown crosshatch sandals that weigh about five pounds each. I realized sandals are actually fun to wear and if I don't look at my skinny 3 inch toes, I can make it through the day. I now own many different styles and colors of sandals.

After Spencer was born, I found the first pair of feet that I didn't cringe when I looked at them. In fact, I kissed, tickled and held them ever chance I got. I still do, except now he wiggles away from me and wonders why he got the weird mom. I love his cute little feet.

Remember I told you all the odd things he does that he got from my sister? Well, she is just a fun scapegoat since she lives too far away to slap me. One thing he did inherit from her though is his ability to have one sock on and one sock off and still function normally. Many nights after dinner, Spencer decides he only needs to wear one sock. He takes one off and throws it in the corner and goes on with his day. My sister did this at his age too. I often wonder now, like I did then with my sister, how they can do this? I would walk crooked or something. Run into a few walls. My whole balance would be off, well more than normal that is.

I am fairly sure that Tanya has grown out of this by now. Or has she?


Tanya said...

Ha ha! How cute. I have grown out of that one. Now I only wear one side of my underwear :)

deb said...

Boy does that bring back memories.I have a picture of you guys at Grandmas and Tanya has only one sock on.

Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

I messed up my first comment and had to delete it. DOH!

Tanya, no one makes me laugh like you do!

Mom, I think I remember that picture. I was always the normal girl in the family...