Friday, May 2

Priceless Gifts from the Heart

I am not a sentimental person in general. I can easily have a prized possession one day and sell it on ebay the next. I do have a few things that I hold near and dear though.

My mom's comment for yesterday's feet blog sent me on a search for old pictures. I found this index card my sweet nephew Colin made me a few years ago on my birthday. At that time it made me laugh. This time it made me cry. Boy, do I love that boy.

Isn't this just precious?

Then I went on a mad search for my favorite picture in the world. Colin drew me many pictures but this one by far is the best. I love the little squirrel climbing up the tree. It is wrinkled from the many moves it has endured but it still adorable nonetheless.

Last but certainly not least is a gift from my nephew Sam. Sam has always been the quieter of my sister's boys. Happy to watch while Colin told the jokes and grabbed the spotlight. More on the shy side but just as sweet. Sam gave me this teddy bear on one of the first visits back home after I had moved a couple of hours away. I have kept it close ever since.

Were you to offer me a million dollars for any of these things, I would laugh in your face and walk away knowing I am by far richer.

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Tanya said...

Awwww, that made me so sad, but yet happy that you have those things. They are so special. It's his message to you from above.