Wednesday, May 14

Bedtime Pals

Spencer had a good day today. Both school and daycare reported he was focused, which is not always the case. He doesn't actually have many "bad" days, just days where his attention span is extremely short and he is on the go, zooming from one place to the next. He also seems to be adjusting well to the bracelet. I admit I was worried he might have a big problem wearing it but he doesn't even seem to remember he has it on unless you want to look at it. What a relief this is!

At bedtime, Spencer and I usually walk to his room together and he reluctantly climbs into bed with a huff. Tonight he walked in with me and said, "A book." It is rare that he asks for anything besides a snack or something to drink. Some nights we do read books before bed and because he asked, tonight was one of those nights. I am thrilled that he asked himself with no prompting at all!

Look at those droopy eyes! On both of us!

Two of Spencer's favorite toys at bedtime. He tells them stories and sings to them. It is adorable.


Tanya said...

Awwww, I miss him!

Razor Family Farms said...

I love his little sleepy face! Thank you for sharing him with all of us! We are in the process of adopting and we really enjoy getting glimpses of what parenting is really like -- the joys, the frustrations -- and we just love your blog for it!


Brandy said...

Awwwww, how sweet! Don't you absolutely LOVE when they spontaneously ask for something or say something new?

One day last week, Nate said out of the blue - "what time is it Mama?" He's NEVER asked me that before and the fact that he did REALLY surprised me. I was SO excited about it!!

Fantastic pictures as usual. Love the one of you two together!!

Sheri said...

Oh Lacy, I wish you luck on adopting. I have some friends who have adopted and know some of the highs and lows they went through waiting for that call! There is no joy greater than being a parent! I will be thinking of you!

Brandy, I get so excited too when Spencer shows he is thinking for himself. How neat that Nate wanted to know what time it was. I bet you are so proud of him!