Tuesday, May 6

Fun in the Tub

Spencer loves his bath time. About six months ago he learned to put the word "bath" with the actual activity. Before this, anytime I walked towards the general direction of his bedroom, he assumed it was time for bed and would sit on the floor and whine. I started saying, bath, bath very clearly and then walking him to the bathroom. I was so excited the first time I realized he recognized the word. That helped me to start using "diaper" and "a book"when I needed him to come to his room to change his diaper or to read a book. Now he just ignores me on purpose. Males learn this at such an early age!

For many children it is an easy transition to recognize simple words and there meanings. Spencer has a very hard time doing this. He takes many small steps with big meanings to our household. I glow with pride each and every time.

Another GIANT step for Spencer last week. School, daycare and myself have been working for over a year now to see if Spencer recognized those in his every day life. Mommy, daddy, Mrs. DeeDee (his teacher), Grammy etc. He will mimic very nicely if you point and say the name first but does not seem to understand if you point to him or yourself and say, "Who is this?". A few months ago when I walked into daycare to pick him up, he looked up angelic as can be and said..."Mommy!". I nearly fell on the floor. Then I cried a few tears and tried not to squeeze him to death. I will never forget that moment or his sweet little voice as he said it. He said it again the next day. I have not heard it since. However, he said his substitute teacher's name last Friday at school! His normal teacher had necessary surgery and has been gone a couple of weeks. The substitute is the retired Speech Therapist Spencer had and adored last year. He walked in the room after gym class and said, "Mrs. Mary". I think she is as proud as I am!

Telling a story...

Trying to stick his tongue out.

Hmm...what's up here?

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