Monday, May 19

Pictures That Make Me Smile

Pictures, they say a thousand words. I also think they can invoke a thousand emotions. The emotion depends on the person and what it means to them, personally. I hold my pictures near and dear. I am very excited to have Pam, you know famous, model worthy, beautiful smile, I have a long tongue (see below) Pam, help me improve my photo taking skills. She has a natural knack for taking stunning photos and is nice enough to help little ole me out. You should start to feel sorry for her now...

The photos below are ones that really can make me smile, no matter how often I look at them. I hope you enjoy them too!

Spencer and Dash the tiger. He actually cooperated with this photo session. He is sitting in his Elmo chair and telling us a story about Dash. We did a project for daycare two winters ago where Dash came home with Spencer for a week and we wrote what we did with Dash and took pictures. It was a neat idea. I can see how much he has grown from this photo.

Having my own blog is so much fun! I can post all the pictures I want. I might not have any one left talking to me afterwards, but I will have fun doing it. This is my nephew Sam over 10 years ago. He is not really picking his nose, he just liked having his finger up there. He did this for a few months constantly. It was hilarious (well for me it was, I am not sure so much for my sister and brother-in-law). About this time, Sam also wouldn't touch any food unless we told him it was chicken. He would ask what was on his plate and whether it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or barbecues, we would tell him it was chicken! It was very hard not to laugh when he would dig right in then!

Spencer loves the water. We took a mini vacation to Wisconsin Dells two summers ago and got a room with a jacuzzi. We bought some bubbles and filled the tub up for Spencer. He didn't quite know what to do with all that space. He kept looking at us with this type of expression and yelling at the top of his lungs!

Spencer has always had chubby cheeks. This photo is actually expressing the effort it is taking him to keep himself standing by using the recliner as support. He was trying to look up and hold himself up at the same time. Result= one adorable face!

Last but not least, my sister, Eunice. Oh wait, that is me! A couple of Halloween's ago, my nose picking nephew,Sam, went as Napoleon Dynamite. I have the funnest times when at my sister's house and this was no exception. I used Sam's wig and glasses from his costume and here is my makeover. I know, I am a hottie. Can't touch this...


Razor Family Farms said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing -- I LOVE your Halloween costume! You are such a riot!

Spencer's pictures are adorable, too! :)


Tanya said...

LOL! I can't believe that you put that napoleon picture on! You are so funny!!

Faith Johnson said...

OMG Sheri you are so funny. I was really wonering who the weird looking lady was until I read it was you. You kill me. I miss your humor. Faith

mom said...

I didn't realize you looked so much like me until I saw the picture!

Sheri said...

I had to hurry up and hit post before I changed my mind on that one of me. Tanya took the picture. I have another one but she was laughing so hard it is a little blurry.

That will be my hairstyle in ten years. I can just take that pic in to the salon! LOL!

Mom - you are silly. That doesn't look like you, your glasses are smaller. HEHE!