Tuesday, May 27

Wii Bowling

Have you played Wii? If not, you should! I am not normally a fan of console games at all. In fact, I have no idea what draws so many people to hours of sitting in one spot shooting people or jumping on mushrooms with all that annoying music in the background. Not for me. Wii is in it's own category and is so much fun! My favorite so far is the bowling. My nephew has a summer games one with horseshoes that I would like to try too. Anywho, Wii steps up gaming with the whole idea of interacting on almost a "real" level. You need to go through the motions, aim, follow through etc. in order to be successful. You can really get a workout and not even realize it because of how enjoyable the games are. It also appeals to many age groups at one time. I have a large picture window in my living room. I can only imagine what the neighbors across the street think when they see us playing. The Wii remotes are small and would probably not be noticed from a distance, so imagine looking over at your neighbor's and seeing people jumping and gliding across the living room floor for what looks like no reason. That's hours of entertain there. I have always wondered why I get odd looks when I am outside! Just kidding. Here's a few pictures from Sunday night's bowling competition.

Spencer is our cheerleader. Here he is about a foot off the ground jumping up and cheering the whole time!

Here is another one of him in mid flight.

We let him have a turn so he wouldn't feel left out.

Pam and Ramsay are debating if he is using cheat codes. HA!

He loved it!

We have the greatest friends. Never a complaint that Spencer is jumping up and down in front of the tv while we play. In fact, Pam held Spencer for a few of her turns. No wonder he loves her! She is such a good player, she got strikes while holding him.

Here is a look at our scores. Pam kicked our butts! Aren't our characters funny?!


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy our Wii nights... :) I like how in both pictures of Spencer in front of the tv, his feet are not touching the ground. He certainly adds to the energy of the game.

Love ya

mom said...

I really love seeing the love you and John show Spencer. You are both such great parents. Love you all!

Sheri said...

I love our Wii nights!

Thanks Mom!!!