Monday, May 26

Wonderful Weekend

I wish weekends like this could go on forever. Stop time and continue to infinity. The weather was sunny and not too warm. I mean, heck, I had so much fun I didn't even blog for two days and that is a rarity. I took advantage of Spencer's playful mood and took a gazillion (one of my favorite non-words) pictures of him. If you haven't already noticed, I can never get enough photos of him. We grilled out, had friends over, played Wii and I put some more flowers out. My eyes are getting better every day and now I only look 90 instead of 100.

Did you do anything fun or enjoyable this weekend? Hope most of you didn't have to work today either. Back to the grind tomorrow...

Can't pass up the opportunity to get a back shot. I think I am going to make a collage of these.

Catch me mommy!

Are you going to play with me or take pictures all day?

We rolled plastic balls across the deck for what seemed like hours. Spencer likes the sound they make.


Razor Family Farms said...

I love that your little boy plays outside!!! I think it is so sad that American children today (I'm making a HUGE generalization here)have no idea how to play without video games or action figures. I remember spending hours outside playing with sticks, rocks, a spade, and a bucket.

You are such a great mom! He looks like he is having so much fun!


Tanya said...

I just love that last picture of him sitting their thinking quietly.

I'm glad that you had a fun weekend!

Sheri said...

Lacy-I am in complete agreement with you. While I really enjoy being on my computer, I know when to quit. I am so happy that Spencer enjoys the outdoors like I do. I could spend all day outside except during winter. I remember being outside most of the summer when I was younger. Eating lunch, playing ball, hide and seek. Don't see too much of that anymore.