Thursday, May 22

Another Day, Another Eye

I woke up this morning to complete darkness. "God?" I said. "I'm blind!" "Jesus, take me now!" Silence...God replied, "Stop being such a wussy, Sheri, and quit whining. You just have Pink Eye and your eyes are crusted shut. You'll wake the neighbors will all this racket. You fall down and run into walls on a daily basis, why should this day be any different? Now get up and be quiet!"

"Fine then!" I replied. "You big meanie."

God then sighed, "Don't worry, my little sassy one, we are not prepared for the likes of you up here yet. Besides, you amuse me so."

I then huffed and walked to the bathroom, hit the bedroom wall and crawled instead. I thought I heard laughing but that could have been the ringing in my ears.

This disgusting bacteria has spread to my other eye (sneaky too, did it while I was sleeping). It took all my effort and willpower not to pick and wash them out every five minutes and it paid off. While my eyelids are still very puffy and my eyes blood red, they are not leaking so much. I feel like I have sandpaper in them but the drops are doing wonders and I am hoping to put in a full day at work tomorrow.

I felt guilty about not being able to take Spencer outside today. It was gorgeous out with a lot of sunshine. The light really makes my eyes water. I waited until after seven when the sun was lower and took Spence out for a few minutes. He was so funny running around and laughing. Hopefully tomorrow we can go for a walk.

Hope you all had a good day! Looking forward to a three day weekend.

Blowing you all a kiss. He uses the back of his hand instead of his palm.


Derek said...

Hi Sheri, I hope your eye gets better really soon. Have you ever had this before? The weather is supposed to be in the 70's here. I just love this website that you have created. I just love all of the pictures and expressions on Spencer's face. Say hi to Spencer for me ok? Have a super weekend.

Cheri said...

Ewwwwww Sheri! That eye looks nasty!!!

I love looking at how big Spencer is getting!!

Sheri said...

Hi guys! My eyes are slowly getting better. Not fast enough for me, but I have no choice!

Nice to see you stopped by Derek! I will tell Spencer you said hi. Hope you have a good weekend too!

Tanya said...

Hope you're feeling better today!