Tuesday, May 20

Fine as Frog's Hair

Spencer has had a cold in his eyes the last few days. Poor little guy had eye boogers and all that fun stuff each morning. He seems to be almost over it today. He is such a tough kid. He rarely let's anything slow him down. I, on the other hand, have a head cold trying to worm it's way into my routine. I am pretending it's not there and hoping it goes away.

Spencer's most favorite toys for the past few years have been any kind of ball. He has one constantly when he is at home and will try to engage any visitor in a game of catch. He has a strong arm. He recently learned to dribble. He is very proud of himself! I guess our chairs aren't good enough to sit on. LOL!

This doesn't look too comfortable!

Oh, oh, he spied my trying to get some pictures.


I have only a slighter larger attention span than Spencer does. I got bored while waiting for him to do something picture worthy and decided to make faces myself. No need to be jealous, I will share my techniques and professional lighting tips in a future post.

This is major skill right here. I don't do this in public anymore. I can't get any shopping done with all the autograph signing!

I forgot I had the zoom on. Nice, I know. I was up for Shrek but Cameron Diaz needed the money more than I did, so I told her she could have the part.


Razor Family Farms said...

I just love your blog! I gotta tell ya -- after scrubbing my bathroom for the last hour -- I really needed a good giggle and your post did not disappoint!


Faith Johnson said...

Boy I love your sense of humor. Are you sure Spencer did not hit you in the head before you snapped the picture. LOL I am going to call you on a bad day. I do not have many bad days but you should would cheer me up on one!!!!!!!
God Bless you Faith

Sheri said...

Cleaning the bathroom, while neccessary, is one of my least favorite chores to do! YUCK!

Spencer actually hit me in the head several times! He laughs about it too! Call anytime.

I am so glad you guys like my humor. I look forward to blogging all day. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I've been told that it is good to laugh at your own expense at times; you take it to a whole level. lol

Sheri said...

Pam, I have to laugh at myself, I am such a dork. The harder I try to be graceful and serious, the worse off I am! I just give in and it's much easier on everyone! LOL!