Monday, May 12

Tornado on Two Legs

Tomorrow is Spencer's turn to bring a snack for his class at school. I baked some Cinnamon Streusel Muffins and Chocolate Chip cookies. He has a girl with a peanut allergy in his class, so we must be very careful in what we make/send. Tonight while I was doing this and trying to get some laundry done, Spencer was in his best sneak mode. This means he will quietly but efficiently sneak and take things he knows are off limits. My bedroom door and the bathroom door are constantly shut for this reason alone. While I was in the basement throwing in another load of laundry, Spencer raided my closet. Now, in reality, this is caused by the fact I left the door open when I went downstairs. Still...I came up and saw he had a roll of wrapping paper. This is much better than the bridesmaid's dress I have hidden in my closet for my stepsister's wedding that he found last week, so I thought, what the heck, go to town kid. He was being quiet for far too long, so I checked on him to find this...I think he has interior decorating promise, don't you?

I then put the little stinker to bed and excitedly sit down to blog and listen to the peace and quiet I am sure will follow. Not is what I found when I opened Spencer's door. You cannot tell, but his light is on along with his TV which is advertising static and it's benefits in 3D. I have since been in there five times to shut off a light, take away a toy; you see the pattern here...LOL! I wonder if I caused my mother this much trouble. I'd like to think I did not but somehow doubt it.

Just having some more photoshop fun.

Hope to have some good news on something called Project Lifesaver to post tomorrow!


mom said...

Honestly as a little girl you were unbelievably well behaved. I set toys down on the floor for you to play with and you never ever tried to get into anything else. Well that was younger years. HA!HA!

Sheri said...

Ha! I am even better now right?

Tanya said...

Lol! I love how he does it without a moment of remorse....he he he.