Saturday, May 10

Love and Laughter

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. A special day to say, "Thanks, Mom". Spencer is too young to know what the day means and will no doubt carry on as normal. That is fine by me. See, while I realize without a doubt that being a mom is the hardest, most demanding job ever given to a woman, I also know it is my most rewarding job also. I am in awe of being a mom. Having a child has made me kinder, more patient and humbled me being all measure. Of course it has also made me dance like a flea bitten dog and sing like Tiny Tim in the middle of my kitchen on any given day. I also have boogers on my sleeve (thanks Spencer) on a daily basis and have had to endure stares as my son loudly farts and giggles in public places. Then again what could outweigh laughing with your child as they express joy, holding their precious hands as they look to you for guidance. The hugs and kisses alone from your children are reward enough it seems for a lifetime of mothering. So, while this is a day to honor Mothers around the world, as they do deserve such an honor, it is I whom am honored to be a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Hope you have a wonderful day doing something fun with those you love.


Tanya said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the world's best moms!! Are you doing anything special? You deserve it!

I absolutely love those pictures of you two, especially the top one!

Sheri said...

Thank you so much! Spencer has liked spending more time with me lately. We are perfect for each other! We do the silliest things and laugh and doesn't get any better...