Friday, May 16

Let's Play

Today was a beautiful day! Finally a whole day of sunshine. You could tell what a difference the weather makes. At work today, our office was very lively. I love days like this where work is fun. I heard a lot of laughter. This isn't good for every day but I think it is healthy to do once in a while. I, in my great vast maturity, have a Happy Bunny calendar on my desk. Do you know Happy Bunny? It is this cute little bunny with a sarcastic wit. Happy Bunny is for teenage girls. I am not a teenage girl, though this fact must have escaped me somewhere. It has become habit for most of my coworkers to come over each day and see what wisdom Happy Bunny has for them. Today's wisdom was - Have a wonderful day you worthless turd. This made me laugh, more than once; I had to scan and send it to others, who then sent it on to even more people until I was receiving it back myself. I came back to my desk to find someone had "piled" three very decrepit raisins next to the page that looked quite similar to a pile of turds. I work with other highly mature people as you see. All in all, I am trying to say, I actually enjoyed being at work today.

Our back yard has finally dried up enough to walk around and Spencer and I took advantage of this after dinner. We had so much fun playing ball and going down his slide. He ran around the yard talking to himself with some really funny noises mixed in. He was very excited and made me laugh a lot. I could watch him for hours in all his wonder.

Hope you all had a good day too and thanks for reading my ramblings.

Telling one of his many stories.

He loves to talk to his reflection. He is so funny when he does this!

We use this slide for his pool (that isn't out yet). He must have went down in 50 times.

Telling his hands all about his day.


Tanya said...

Sunshine makes people happy up here where we never see it. It was a gorgeous day.

I can tell that Spencery is loving it too!

Razor Family Farms said...

So green and gorgeous there! The have enjoyed lovely weather in our little corner of Georgia, too. Although the heat is coming and the plants seem to know that this is their big chance before they get baked.

Great pictures! He looks so happy!