Wednesday, May 21

All the King's Horses and ...

all the king's men, raced like hell to get out of town when they saw my face today. No, seriously!

**DISCLAIMER** Gross picture ahead, pull to the side of the road and strap your self in securely before viewing. This is your final warning.

I am in a sorry state today. I don't even need to make any faces for people to notice me. In fact, when while I was waiting in Urgent Care to be seen this afternoon, I kept my super cool sunglasses on. What started out as a mild irritation this morning when I woke up has turned into a very uncomfortable, swollen, leaking orifice. I will not gross you out any further with more details but this is one of the most disgusting and painful infections I have ever had. It's bacterial conjunctivitis or bacterial Pink Eye. Imagine your noise using your eye as a surrogate outlet. 'Nuff said!

On to more pleasant topics (and cuter ones too!). Spencer tried to take advantage of his ailing mom to the fullest today. He took one look at me when I picked him up from daycare and I could see his wheels turning. "First, I will sneak mom's toothbrush out of the bathroom and make sure to drop it on the floor at least 10 times before I shove it up my nose. Then I think that I should see if that bag of funny looking balls with the name "potatoes" on the bag is as fun as it looks. I might have to try throwing each one across the kitchen to see if any of them actually bounce or if they just make a lot of noise. Hmmm...I have been meaning to time how long it takes me to unroll the whole roll of toilet paper. Maybe today I will succeed and so on and so forth."

I think this is where mom keeps all the fun stuff!

Or was it in here?

I finally gave in and played some ball. Spencer kept crouching down like this in between throws to wait for ball.

I think he is devising his next sabotage of the kitchen. He is checking to see if I still have sight!


Anonymous said...

I never realized how beautiful your eyes are or should I say eye until this picture.
i rejoice when I see pictures of Spencer in action. Unbelievable to me how far he has come. Bless you both!

Tanya said...

Oh my gosh! That looks painful! I agree though that your other eye is beautiful, lol!

I love sneaky Spencer!!!

Razor Family Farms said...

You really are gorgeous! You have a cameo-type face. Classic beauty!!!

Feel better!


Faith Johnson said...

Holy cow you poor thing. That does look very painfull. Now do you blame the child for taking advantage? Lol I hope you feel better soon. Thought maybe Spencers arm took you off gaurd and hit you in the eye with one of his piches. Faith

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I hope it is getting better. Just so you know, at least a half an hour was devoted to sterilizing anything and everything you may have come into to contact with at work. It was kind of funny to watch everyone with hand sanitizer and wipes running around this morning. Hopefully we'll see you back soon; I missed you today.

Sheri said...

You all are so nice. My other eye looks huge, doesn't it? Today it joined the other one and they look closer in size.

Lacy, you are a sweetheart. Thank you!

Faith, I was going to put that Spencer hit me in the head with his ball. Funny you said that!

Pam, I bet that was a fun sight. I miss all the good stuff. I hope to come in tomorrow. With sunglasses! Thanks for missing me, I appreciate it!