Monday, November 14

Macro Monday ~ Sweet William Flower

Another weekend has come and gone. We had a busy weekend to say the least. 

First the best news ever! Spencer had his 6 month cancer check-up and he is CLEAR again!!! Thank God. He has those angels watching over make it even better, his oncologist no longer thinks 6 month tests are needed and he has graduated to yearly tests. This is one happy momma! Spencer was brave and the best boy through it all. He really is one in a million as far as sons go!

We also celebrated my friend Carolyn's daughter ,A's, 8th birthday on Saturday.

Last night my best friend and her family had us over for the best stir fry I have ever had in my life. Venison stir fry. John and I ate so much we could barely move. When done right, venison is one of my favorite foods. 

The photos above are also from my best friend's flower garden. Sweet Williams. I find them to be very photogenic little flowers.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Congratulations to you and Spencer! I bet those are always happy appointments:)

Kati said...

That's very good news indeed! Congratulations!
Lovely flowers. I love those. We have such a different name for them! Duizendschoon don't no if it is translatable: Duizend=Thousand schoon=lovely in this context. :)

Ida said...

Wonderful Macro's of the Sweet Williams - They smell good too.
So happy for you about Spencer's good news. How wonderful to spend time with friends and enjoy a good meal with them.

Cheryl said...

What great news! So very happy for Spencer & all those who love him.

I believe in miracles.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Congratulations on the great bill of health for Spencer. And beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors and details of the flower's pattern.

Happy MM

Genie said...

I know you are going to sleep better with our good new about your Spencer. You are both certainly in my thoughts. Your Sweet Williams are bursting forth with your happiness in this shot. Beautiful photography. genie

Vanessa said...

Congratulations on this very special milestone. The flower pictures are just beautiful.

Sheri said...

You are all so good to me! Thank you for sharing my sweet boy's triumphs. He would give every one of you a hug if he could!