Tuesday, November 8

Like Giving Your Opinion? Good, I Need It!

Hello friends! I rarely post two blog posts in one day, but I could really use some feedback from all my friends out there.

I am working on some changes around here that I am pretty excited about. First I will be opening up my own online store/shop for my photography. I have been receiving some great advice and encouragement from friends online and offline that I should consider calendars, cards and individual photo downloads as they would like to purchase some! This is a big deal to me that my passion for photography means something to others too. I am flattered and so grateful! This might take me a bit as I have to label, categorize and upload all my images for display. I only started last night...I have at least a couple of hundred unedited photos, besides what I have posted here, waiting for me to get to also. So fun but time consuming.

With that said, I want to change my "name". Not my blog name but my watermark image name. Me and My Tadpole Photography is not only a long name but too cutesy for me. John has mentioned more than once that I should reconsider this name and he is right. Most people use their partial or full name. I have never really liked my name all that much. My slightly evil parents named me after Sheri Lee Lewis; I am only glad that they weren't more evil and named me Lamb Chop! Here are my thoughts so far but feel free to offer any suggestions, please!

Sheri Lee Photography 
Sheri Nolan Photography (my maiden name)
Spencer Photography (after my sweet boy)
Spencer Lee Photography (yes, we both have the same middle name)
Photography by Sheri Lee

So please give me input on any of the above. Have/do you manage an online store similar to what I am working on? Any advice or tips you want to share? As a consumer, what interests you? Turns you off?

Share this with your spouse, mom, dad, grandma and friends to get their opinions too. Much appreciated. Without all of you, I would just be talking to myself...

I'll leave you with this and know some of you will appreciate it. This comes from my newest online fascination, um addiction, Pinterest.


susie kline said...

I like Photography by Sheri Lee. Nice ring!

Good luck!

Kim, USA said...

I like the words made me laugh out loud!

Sara said...

Congratulations on taking the next step. Your photographs are beautiful. I like Sheri Lee Photography or Spencer Photography.

Nicole Humphrey Cook said...

I know you want my input, so here it goes beautiful friend.

Sheri Lee Photography is perfect. Plus a quick google search brought me RIGHT to your blog. You're third on that page, except the first one is Sheri+Mike and the second one is sherilee photography (all one word) Yep. So if you go with Sheri Lee Photography, then you're probably going to go up in the search results placing you at #1 (what you want)

When I type in Spencer Photography I get results for several of them. I only did the first page, but you don't appear. There is also a Spencer Lee, but you show up 3rd in the results for that one. Spencer Lee Photography and Lee Spencer photography are before you.

Sheri Nolan photography has you in the 3rd spot and the only Sheri Nolan, BUT you'd be stuck with your maiden name for as long as you had your business, so if you're willing then that one isn't a bad option either.

Photography by Sheri Lee puts in you in the 3rd spot also (what's with the friggen 3's?) LOL Anyway, but there is a Photography by Sherrie Lee, which I think could get confusing.

So my .02 is Sheri Lee Photography. Since neither of the people above you are actually Sheri Lee's you'll be up at the top spot in no time, especially after you have that written on your page several times.

And... I LOVE that quote. LOVE IT! Completely understand it, from BOTH sides. hahah The foodie AND the photographer. Love you! xoxox

Aleksandra Nearing said...

My top three picks are 1, 2 and 6. 1 and 6 sound nice, personable, memorable. I also like 2 and for some reason it has a more professional feel. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

congratulations...there is no doubt you will be a huge success!
I like Sherri Lee Photography.

Anonymous said...

vcongratulations...there is no doubt you will be a huge success!
I like Sherri Lee Photography.

Kati said...

I like photography by Sheri Lee. Like the idea too. Wish you all the luck in the world with everything.

Stacy said...

<3 photography by Sheri Lee.

Anonymous said...

Sheri Lee Photography has a nice ring to it!!! of course you could use: Lamb Chop Photos hahahaha

SultanStyle.com said...

Sheri Nolan Photography (Sounds the most professional)
Side note: "Say Cheese" would be a cool name for a photo store.

Bob ButterBottom said...

I actually enjoy these sorts of wordplay things. I was thinking Spencer Picks Sheri's Pix or something like that. But if Nicole says your best google hits are on Sheri Lee Photography, then do that.
My sister's partner is a photographer and I think she is just Terry Greene Photography. My friend in New York who is KILLING it as a photographer is Michael Jurick Photography & Digital Design.
Making your pumpkin cheese cake muffins today. cheers

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I'm so excited for you! I really like Sheri lee photography. You will be a huge success!

Debbie said...

Best of luck on this - can't wait to follow your journey.

I like all the names. It is such a hard thing to come up with a new name.

Here are a few more twists on what you have.

Lee-Lee photography
Lee & Spencer Photography
Lee-Sheri Photography.

Sheri said...

I can't thank you all enough for helping me out with this. Thank you all SO much!!! Even the funny parts! You are all the best!

Nicole, what did I ever do without you? Perfect!