Friday, June 29

A Perfect Fit ~ Miss Macie

Miss Macie. Macie May. Wittle Wittle. Whatever name she may be called, I absolutely completely love this little girl. The whole family loves her and she loves us back. She is sweet, beautiful and a bit sassy to boot.

Macie has been a part of our family since the end of April. She is a 3 year old Min Pin that already has a forever place in my heart. Can you believe we found her on craigslist for mere pocket change? The saying that one's person junk is another's treasure, certainly applies here. We are at least her 3rd family and I wouldn't give her up for anything. I fell in love with her instantly. I shamelessly carry her everywhere, I wrap her in blankets, giving her her own chair next to mine when I am on the computer and do the annoying baby talk (along with massive amounts of kisses). She is my babygirl.

Yet, I am not the only one in this house she has wrapped around her tiny paws... John, the guy who doesn't really like dogs (after all he is terribly allergic to most), may even be more smitten than I. To see a 6' 5" guy do baby talk and make sure she has her share of  blanket during naptime, is quite a sight. Something I never thought I would ever see. 

So, meet our precious girl. You will be seeing a lot of her in the future. 

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