Saturday, September 10

Kitchen Essentials ~ What are Yours?

I believe that you do not need fancy gadgets to make amazing meals or to be a better baker. There are ,however, those favorites we all have that certainly make life easier. They not only help save time but we have come to depend on them when in the kitchen.

Here are my essentials. Basic and rudimentary. Slightly abused but loved nonetheless.

Paula Deen Stoneware - Cooking, baking, saute, marinate or even just for display. Oven to table. My kind of dish!

 Rubbermaid Hot/Cold Pads. Table and countertop savers. I use them to also keep my dishes in place. 

 Black & Decker Handy Chopper Plus. I use this every day. From chopping up nuts and onions to egg salad and bread crumbs.

Pampered Chef Cheese grater with built in measuring. Saves on dishes (big plus!) 

Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer and measuring spoons. I only use Olive Oil for cooking and lightly spray almost everything I make with this spritzer. The measuring spoons fit into spice containers and save on space too.

My list is only complete with my kitchen helper and inspiration. Spencer!

Would love to hear what your kitchen essentials are. New ideas are always welcome!


Judy Haughton-James said...

You certainly have some lovely kitchen essentials Sheri! I have pots in a variety of sizes and started using a Starflon nonstick frying pan recently. I like this type of frying pan! I will be looking out for some of your essentials over here. Would certainly make cooking easier. Take care.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

You have some great kitchen essentials. I just use the basic. I'm just learning to taking a liking to cooking:)

Material Girl Green said...

I love fancy kitchen gadgets but sometimes they are such a pain to wash! One of my favorite gadgets is my garlic press. I hate chopping garlic.

Sheri said...

I hope you can find some Judy, they sure make life easier.

Melissa, I just caught on to cooking this last year and surprised myself at how much I love it.

Sharon, I love garlic. Would put it in everything if I could.

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love my pampered chef baking stone. I use it for everything baking. I also love the pampered chef measuring spoons. A space saver! :) I need a cheese grater like that! :) Erin