Tuesday, May 15

Signs of Spring ~ Dandelions: Photoblog Challenge

Here in Wisconsin, one of the first signs of spring may be your yard filled with Dandelion flowers. Most people find them a nuisance, but I find them kind of pretty. They do muddle up that perfect green lawn and are considered weeds. Hey, if  you can't beat 'em, join 'em. John often calls me a "tree hugger" and as I was snapping off photos of this little beauty, I couldn't help thinking he might be right. Just a little. I will find any excuse to play outside, big people style.

I am excited today to plant some flowers Spencer and John got me for Mother's Day. Hoping to show you some pics as they grow. Also baking my first homemade rhubarb pie later today. Wish me luck!

I linked up with Photoblog Challenges Theme: Spring.

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