Tuesday, May 29

Photoblog Challenge ~ Orton Effect

One of the reasons I enter Photo Challenges is they can force me out of me norm. I tend to take macro, completely in focus, straight on photos. I have gained so much experience by going out and around the box of this type of photography.

Take the Orton Effect, created by Michael Orton. The original technique involves sandwiching two or three transparencies of the same composition together. One slide contains the detail component, in focus and overexposed, the second and /or the third is the color component, and is out of focus and overexposed. Gives the photo an ethereal quality that I am completely in love with!

There are many tutorials out there for the Orton Effect, using photoshop. If you want to go to that next step with your photography, I recommend at least trying it. It is most often used with landscape and scenery shots and while I have also seen it used on portraits, the scenery shots are by far my favorite.

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Loulou said...

Congratulations sheri,
Your beautiful picture is one of the favorites for the Orton effect challenge. Really beautiful shot!

Sheri said...

Oh thank you! Made my day. :)