Tuesday, February 7

Have You Hugged Your Beardie Today?

My beautiful bearded dragon, Sun (any Lost fans out there?).

 I really do love most animals, with the exception of spiders and cats. If I didn't have John to reign me in with his common sense, who knows how many critters I might have. They are more than just pets, they become part of the family when they come to my house. Silly as it sounds, they become my friends too. 

John got me Sun as a Christmas gift over 3 years ago. While I have always admired bearded dragons, I have not thought of actually bringing one home. I mean they look kind of scary or at the very least, grumpy. They can be, well, intimidating to say the least. 

Sun is one of the neatest, gentlest sweeties I have ever known. If you are not familiar with beardies, they can be amazing pets. They really don't do much of anything. Contrary to their looks, they are so very sweet and yes, cuddly. She likes to bask in her sun lights all day, eat, sleep and be lazy. When she is happy, she turns the beautiful shades of orange you see above. She also loves to be petted and sleep on my lap. Oh, and my annoying baby talk I can't seem to stop using makes her the happiest of all! She has really become a great companion to me. I love her very much and she seems to love me back.

Beardies are great with kids too. Who would have known by looking at that face?

If you are interested, I would be glad to pass on any knowledge I have gained about bearded dragons. If you are looking for a great pet for yourself or the family, you really should look into these beauties. 

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Nicole Humphrey Cook said...

My son had a bearded dragon and it passed away about two years ago. It was heartbreaking as it was very long and everyone kept telling me they live forever (yeah okay so not that long). But anyway, Sun is so big and beautiful and it makes me want to get him another one. Maybe birthday this year.

You and I are so much alike and you never cease to surprise me each time I discover something. Are you AWARE of how many pets we have? LOL

Love you!!

Nicole Humphrey Cook said...

I am not sure how I did that, but I actually wrote the word long when I meant the word young. Man my brain is NOT functioning today.

Sheri said...

Thanks, Nicole! Sorry you lost yours, I got bad info from the pet store where I got Sun and thankfully got better advice from friends. I hope she lives to grow old with me! lol You need another, just sayin!

I know you have your dogs but not sure what else. Again, wishing I was your neighbor. Bad.

Love you right back!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sheri!
Your dragon is magnificent and is one of the winners for the Orange challenge. Stunning shot