Thursday, October 27

Thursday Challenge ~ Pale Orange Lily

Two of my favorite things: Flowers and the color orange

The temps are really dropping here in Wisconsin and I am already starting to feel my Winter whining wanting to kick in. Long ago Winter and I were great friends. We are no longer on speaking terms...

What is your favorite season? 

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Have a great day everyone!


Judy Haughton-James said...

This Pale Orange Lily looks so good Sheri! I would say that my favourite season is spring. We do have winter here in Jamaica but of course you would laugh at what I call cold over here. Have a good Thursday.

Kati said...

Lovely lily. I'm not so fond of lillies because of the stains they leave behind. :)
My favorite season is Autumn. So lucky me. We have lovely autumn weather over here. Sunny, bit warm for october and those autumn colours... I love it! :)

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Bob ButterBottom said...

Another great pic. Just beautiful. I love lillies, Laura, not so much. Didn't know you were in Wisconsin. Laura has a brother there with 5 kids and every year the build an ice skating rink in their yard since it will stay frozen through the winter. cheers

Your Friend Susie said...

Beautiful. And fall is my favorite season, but we don't get it here, so I have to enjoy it via everyone's photos. This is lovely (Oh, and orange is one of my favorite colors too.) :)

Krissy said...

That is so pretty!! Ugh I hate winter as well. It is starting to get realllllllly cold here and I hate it! I think I might have to cave very soon and start wearing my winter coat because I loathe being cold! I wish I could hibernate until spring!

Bindu Juneja said...

Lovely Lily!
Spring in India is a lovely season.

Sheri said...

Thank you Judy and Kati!

Bob, it's a small world, huh?

Thank you, Susie, Krissy and Bindu. :)

Krissy I could hibernate too!