Saturday, October 22

Camera Critters ~ Canada Goose

On Labor Day Weekend, we had a cookout at a local park with my friend Carolyn's family. This park has a beautiful pond running through it where a multitude of birds were biding their time before flying south for the winter. I have always admired the Canada Goose and was thrilled to have a opportunity to photograph them. I sat down and waited for them to realize I was non threatening and they rewarded me with these shots. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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Judy Haughton-James said...

Wow!Look at these pictures! I am so thrilled to see them! As you may remember I am a big bird enthusiast!I hope your weekend is going great.

Donna said...

Your patience paid off - wonderful photos!

eileeninmd said...

He/She is posing nicely for you, great shots of the goose. Have a wonderful weekend!

Katherines Corner said...

Great photo I think he was posing for you :-)

Nikki said...

Those are fantastic! I love that you just sat and waited, makes me smile.
They definitely do look like they are posing for you.

I am NOT a bird person, but for some reason Geese and Swans typically make me smile. They are beautiful.

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Sara said...

Your pictures are amazing! PS you won the Liebster Award! Check it out at

chubskulit said...

Beautiful capture!

Late visiting from Camera Critters. Please come and see some MOTHS at my page. Have a blessed Sunday!

Sheri said...

Judy, I thought of you the whole time I was sitting there. I have some swan photos too. Swans fascinate me!

Thank you everyone, you always make my day with your kind comments.

Sara! Thank you! I will be over to see...yay!