Tuesday, October 18

Fleck ~ Play Everywhere!

      While this is a sponsored post, all views are 100% my own.

I recently had the opportunity to review, Fleck: Grow Your Own World, created by Self Aware Games. I have been an avid online gamer for many years and this newest mulit-player social game where you could grow a garden and then visit a neighbor to combat zombies (yes, how cool is that?) intrigued me from the start. 

Upon simply creating a username and password, I learned this game had taken social gaming to a whole new level by incorporating Google Maps into the very game itself. Type in the name of a U.S (parts of Canada and Mexico are in the works) city and town and you traveled there in a blink of an eye. Landmarks too! 

The developers of this flash game didn't hold back in the graphics department in any way. The characters can be customized with hairstyles and clothing of your choice. You can also choose the city you want to call home. The weather even changes as the weather in the town you choose does in real time. They thought of so many small details, it is amazing!

The marketplace has many items to decorate your establishment along with combat weapons and extra little pick me ups that depending on your game play can really make a difference.

One of the game integrations I found very fun and helpful is the ability to chat with fellow players via the chat feature. Any questions you have or zombie attacks you need assistance with are answered by friendly fellow gamers. Speaking of zombie attacks, this is an integral part of the game and one I found refreshingly non violent despite it's "cause." The zombies shoot goo at you as you fire back with a fire powered lazer gun. The vain part of me has to mention the warfare type suits you wear while saving the world from these zombies are too cute and totally in sync with the Sci-Fi fanatic I am.

I have mentioned that game travel coincides with Google Maps but the creators also incorporated other social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Yelp. I was continually finding new aspects of the game that made me say, Wow!". While they these applications are available, they are not a mandatory part of the game play itself, only they if you wish to use them (which I did).

 Look at how creative you can be using decorations! Oh and those zombies I spoke of...

 I am visiting a friend's Quizno's through the games real world maps.

I would highly recommend this unique, interesting and totally fun game to anyone looking for a new experience in multi-player social gaming. Appropriate for most ages and definitely will keep you coming back for more.

Fleck: Grow Your Own World, by Self Aware Games is available in for PC browsers and downloadable for your iPad. Join the fun!

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