Monday, January 23

Macro Monday ~ What is Art?

Do not concern yourself with the questions, "What is art?" or "Who is an artist?" Everything is art. If what you see and do comes from your heart, you are an artist. - Anonymous  

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend; how fast they seem to go!

I chose this quote today because I think it, in a way, reflects how I personally see myself. Take this shot. A pink clover flower about the size of a thumbnail. They pepper the fields here in Wisconsin and probably aren't anything but a spot of color underfoot to many. Yet I am quite fascinated at the detail and color of something so common and tiny.'s the little things.

I lined up with Lisa's Chaos for Macro Monday.

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Barbara said...

Lovely. I didn't guess it was a clover flower. I was told clovers are related to peas, and if you look at the flowers, they are just like the tiniest sweet peas.