Thursday, January 19

And Then There Were Five ~ Meet Remington

It's no secret that I am a dog lover. Some of my best friends in life have been dogs. To me, a dog is not just a pet, they are a part of my family, a companion and a loyal friend. My very first puppy as a young adult, a Rottweiler named Thor, has long since gone to doggy heaven, yet I still think of him fondly and miss him often. 

In mid December, I walked into work and saw this face, this sweet adorable face. I don't know if it was the beautiful big brown eyes, the oversized floppy ears or the massive amount of "polka dots" that got me. I still don't know but what I do know is that I was smitten immediately. A local shelter had set up for the day with loads of puppies and kitties. A pen of the cutest Australian Shepherd puppies had the place already filled with admirers but I saw none of them, just this boy...

"Zach" is a 7 month old Coonhound. He was much larger than the other dogs and wasn't getting much attention. Isn't it funny how we all have our preferences and ideals so different from one another? 

I walked past him into work and as the morning went on, I visited him and asked questions wondering what the heck I was thinking? I called John, sent him pictures from my phone, dragged my co-workers out to meet him and asked the shelter what I needed to do to take him home. I could barely concentrate! Then they told me that Zach had others interested in adopting him. Was I serious about him, did I want to start the paperwork (they could obviously see how taken I was with him)? After some minor begging, John gave in and said if I really wanted him, we could bring him home. But. He was my dog. 

So, meet Remington. We renamed him and call him Remy. He is so sweet and so very naughty. The naughtiest dog I have ever known. He is young though and is learning quickly and I adore him so much. He is wonderful with Spencer and Dexter and him play and fight over food. 

I am not only happy to have a new friend, but also feel wonderful adopting him. I couldn't imagine him one more night in that shelter with no forever home. He needed a family, our family. 

So, say hello to my polka dotted puppy, who is eating all of my house and thinks he is a lap dog. He fits right in with our crazy life!

I linked up with Spun with Tears photo challenge "Toys". 


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Congrats on your new puppy dog. He is adorable!!!!

Nicole Humphrey Cook said...

OMG!!! He is so cute!!! :) I love him so much, and think that Remington is absolutely the perfect name!
Congratulations to the other 4 of you. :)

P.S. I thought it was funny that my captcha was "remingn" - which of course reminds me of his name.

Barbara said...

What a great-looking pup. You're lucky to have found each other.