Tuesday, September 2

My Baby is Growing Up

With great joy and relief, I am reporting in that Spencer's first day of Kindergarten was a complete success!!! John, being the great daddy he is, took off work this morning and drove Spencer in for his first day. I, plain and simple, chickened out. This may sound like I am a bad mother (or mudder, as my nephews used to say). Really, Spencer and I are very very close. He is still young enough to like me and I eat that right up! Spencer does however act completely different in the classroom when I am around. He picks up on my mood and it can really affect him, sometimes in a bad way. I would have cried and he would have stressed out and the morning would have started out completely different. John, on the other hand is Spencer's security blanket. When he is hurt, John is the only person who can calm him down and comfort him. Kind of nice that we both have our strong points with our little man.

Spencer's teacher reported that Spencer had a wonderful day, listened and followed directions well, supported another student by patting her on the head and saying "good girl" and generally tried hard to do what was asked of him. Yeah Spencer!!! We had one tired little boy tonight.

All Growed Up (from the Rugrats)

Dad and Spencer

Mom and Spencer

His secondary aide, Spencer, primary aide, Spencer's teacher

Very happy to be back in school.

I just love this one!


Tanya said...

Aww, I couldn't wait to hear about it. I can tell by the pics that he likes it, and I'm so happy. Go Spencer!!!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Very glad it was a good day. You had "good vibes" all day from this end. Send me some on Thursday. He looks very happy to be in school.


Brandy said...

YAY Spencer!! I'm SO happy to hear he had a great day in kindergarten! It's such a stressful thing for any parent, even more so as a parent of special needs.

I LOVE that last pic of him! So stinking cute! :)

mattie said...

Soencer looked so cute with his backpack on.I'm so glad things went so good.I'm sure he will have a wonderful year.

Sheri said...

Thinking of you Sara on Damon's big day! Hope he loves riding the bus and school too!

Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm!

Faith said...

So Sheri did you have tears or cry. I remember when Bobby and Steven when I thought I would jump for joy because they were such a handful, awe lets face little shits, but I cried. Then came the stuff they did in school. Never a dull moment. Thank goodness Spencer is a good boy. My Jord is out to sea for 2 months right now and will come in for about a month and a half then he will be back over there for 7 months. So suck. Givce Spencer a kiss for me. I will come home in Dec. when Jord does.