Wednesday, September 3

Riding the School Bus

Spencer is going to ride the bus to and from school this year. He rode last year only from his Early Childhood class to daycare. He loves riding and is a complete angel when we take trips. He usually does better than his parents do! He has the same driver as last year and said "HI" to her as soon as the bus doors opened.

Another good report from school today. Yeah!

Getting in one last Blue's Clues song before we head out to wait for the bus.

Despite looking back, he went right to his seat and took his backpack from the driver.


Mom said...

Boy does that remind me of you! Your big brown eyes staring at me when I put you on the bus. My eyes filled with tears and I cried feeling guilty for letting you go!

Brandy said...

Awwww! He's so sweet!

I love the bus pics! I'm sure Nate would LOVE to ride the bus - he's a bit obsessed with them. But alas, I take him and pick him up. Growing up, both of my parents worked full time and weren't able to take me to school. I always swore that I'd be able to take my kids to school/pick them up until they no longer wanted me to do it. said...

So adorable! I love school bus pictures -- particularly these because Spencer is so expressive and curious.

Is there anything so cheerful and bright as a school bus???