Wednesday, April 25

Twice Baked Potato Casserole

A single bite of this casserole and it immediately went to my favorites pile. If you like twice baked potatoes, you will love this. Not quite as much fuss as filling single potatoes but with all the flavor and texture. The only sound around the table will be the "mmms" that follow each bite. 

This is definitely the loaded version of the twice baked potato. Feel free to tone yours down a bit by using low fat cream cheese, sour cream and grated cheese. 

5 lbs. russet potatoes
8 - 10 slices bacon
8 oz. cream cheese
1 stick unsalted butter
1 cup sour cream
1/4 cup chives, minced
2 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese (I use medium cheddar)
2 TBLS. kosher salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel potatoes and cut into 1" chunks. Place in a large saucepan and add water to cover by 2". Cook until fork tender, about 20 minutes. Drain and return to pan. Cover and set aside.

Cook bacon to desired crispiness and drain on paper towels. Let cool slightly and crumble.

Mash potatoes well. Add cream cheese, butter and sour cream. Stir until well mixed and potatoes are fluffy.

Add the chives, 2 cups of the cheddar cheese, half the bacon. Salt and pepper. Stir well.

Butter a baking dish and transfer potatoes. Top with remaining 1/2 cup of cheese, or if you are like me, add enough to mostly cover the top. 

Bake about 30 minutes, or until cheese is melted on top. Remove from oven and top with remaining bacon. 

Then prepare yourself for some major goodness!

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