Friday, August 12

Making Memories - Spencer's Way

I think I have the most adorable boy in the world. I hope all parents feel the same way about their children. I could take pictures of Spencer all day, every day. Spencer however has different ideas on the matter. Having a special needs child has challenged me, in a good way. I had to learn to be creative and relax my high standards on getting the "perfect" photo. I do admit a small tinge of envy here and there when my friends share photos of their kids and they have actual cooperated! It's a small tinge and it fades quickly.

You see, when I ask Spencer to stay where he is or I get out my camera because he is being his adorable self, I immediately get attitude, this attitude.
Isn't he cute all disgruntled like that?

He doesn't understand what a camera means, only that whenever I have it out, it requires something of him possibly. He is not sure what that is, so his reaction is one he has for anything he doesn't understand, slight panic. This post is not so any of you reading feel badly for either of us. It's to help, possibly, to open up your minds a bit to the reality of who your/our children are. That while taking pictures of a special needs child might require more imagination and patience, it is well worth it and in my case SO MUCH FUN. Life should be fun for our children! Don't give up and leave your camera on the shelf. Capture your child's precious memories, have fun doing it and let them be who they are. Special needs or not. 

Here are Spencer's perfect poses. Perfect for him, perfect for us. 

My nephew, Colin used to make this face too!

This is what Spencer says he thinks about "perfect" pictures. Ha! Love this boy.


Blog Buttons said...

We have had a lot of dragonflies in the garden lately. This is a wonderful photos. ;-)

Stephanie said...

How fun! He's a cutie!