Saturday, July 30

Camera Critters - Chickweed Geometer

Found this beautiful, tiny moth in my front yard yesterday. It is the Chickweed Geometer or Haematopis grataria.

If anyone reading this wants to talk Watermarking with me, I'd appreciate any advice. Should I? If so, any tips you have learned on where to place the watermark, etc?

Thanks for looking!

More here:
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Cheryl said...

Gorgeous capture.

I've been adding text to mine but am exploring making those into watermarks by using the tools in my photo editing software.

I've also copywrited my site with a couple of domains. My albums are all private.

If someone asks for a photo, I'm more than happy to oblige. I don't know if my photos are being taken or not. One thing I'm unsure of is whether there is a way to make them uncopiable in Blogger. Yet another project to investigate.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Sheri said...

I have been thinking of using my software too to make something at least to somewhat protect my hard work.

I don't want to flatter myself thinking people are using mine but they may be.

I would love a feature on blogger to disable right click saving. Good idea to look into. Thanks!

Linda Makiej said...

Hi - I watermark all my photos with a transparent pse file made in Photoshop. I had several stolen and used on other sites last year! UGH!
After saving the photo the way I want it in Photoshop - I lay the transparent file over it - move it to where I want it and light or darken the text according to my liking.
Also, if you go to blogger "help" there are ways to prevent others from getting the larger version of your work. Good luck!

Love your shot of that moth!

Sheri said...

Thank you so much, Linda. Really appreciate your feedback. Some people have no regard for other's hard work. Such a shame someone used your photos as if it was their right.