Saturday, June 11

Summer Goals

Summer finally decided to show itself for a few days this week here in Wisconsin. Spencer and I took advantage of the sunshine and spent as much time outside as we could. I set up Spencer's pool Sunday night out on the deck. As soon as I unrolled the pool to blow it up, Spencer was sitting in the middle of it as he does every year, not caring whether or not he had any water to play in. The smile on his face was priceless.

Swimming is one of the few things that keeps Spencer's interest. It pulls him away from the t.v. and boredom of being an only child that does not understand pretend play. He has never once done any pretend play. His idea of playing with toys may be spinning the wheels on a car or seeing how far that dump truck can make it across the room if he stands on his bed. So, my challenge is to find and explore new ideas to keep us busy besides the walks to the park we can't wait to start.

I am open to any ideas! He is very interested in computers and animation. Particularly if music is incorporated. His teachers use a touchscreen at school so I have done the same at home along with headphones to keep out distractions for him. He loves the Starfall website. His attention span while it has grown, is still only minutes at a time. For instance, if we get out the play dough, he may have already lost the great enthusiasm he JUST had by the time I have gotten the top off the first color. He will say "all done" and that is that!

I realize this is one of the most unorganized blog postings I have done. My boy may be sweet but he is complex. I never know quite where to start.

"I'm a cucumber, not a pickle.". Larry ~ Veggie Tales

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