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Homemade Donuts ~ For Beginners

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I don't often eat donuts. If I do, I like them simple. No sprinkles please! I have been wanting to make my own for a while now and this recipe is a great way to start and is foolproof. I wasn't expecting much from the ingredients and method but was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these were. They were gone in no time!

 vegetable oil
canned biscuits - any kind but the flaky layer ones
4 TBLS melted butter

Mix together the sugar and cinnamon in a small shallow bowl. I like mine a darker brown color meaning more cinnamon than sugar. Make it the flavoring to your preference.

Fill up a large skillet with about 1/2 inch of vegetable oil. Heat on medium high. 

While oil is heating. open your biscuits. Separate them and cut holes into the center of each. I used star shaped cookie cutters. Any shape will do as long as you have cut a small hole in the centers.

Place donuts in the oil. When the sides facing the pan are golden brown, flip them and brown the other side. When both sides are browned, remove the donuts and place them on paper towel.
As soon as the donuts are cool enough to handle, use your fingers to dip one side in the melted butter. Shake them a bit to remove the excess butter and then dip them in the sugar/cinnamon mixture, coating them well. Them repeat the steps to cover and coat the other side until all donuts are finished.

Eat warm or store them immediately in an airtight container for later.

Easy and so yummy!!

NOTE: I also repeated the process for the donut holes after making the donuts themselves.

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