Tuesday, November 9

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Sleep. Who doesn't like it? There is nothing like that feeling of climbing (or falling if it's been one of THOSE kind of days) into bed after a long day and doing that super gigantic stretch that pops bones you didn't know you had. Cuddling with your honey (spooning is one of my favorest pastimes ever), hogging all the covers and drooling on your pillow. Ahhh, sleep is good, rejuvenating and a time to shut the thinker down.

Around here though, we do things a little differently. We, well, just pass out. See below.

Here is a planned sleep.

Aren't they cute all still and quiet like that?

Here is unplanned sleep.

Who falls asleep at the dinner table? This must be standard etiquette on the planet he came from.

Is he praying? Seriously, my cooking is not that bad.

This happens after 2 days of hardcore gaming. Our friend Ramsay fits right in.

It's after 3 am here and now it's time for me to sleep. Goodnight!

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